Gustavo Ballvé on December 13th, 2012
Food for thought

I write since 2009, and I tend to digress a little over subjects dear to my heart. One is Education, another is Charity/Giving. Even though I wasn’t directly involved in a project until today, I’ve been regularly donating to a few projects I trust while pondering how to help more effectively. But today I get involved – and then some.

In short, I will run the 2013 Walt Disney Marathon on January 13th, 2013 to raise awareness for my campaign, which aims to raise £5,000 for the building of 3 new classrooms in a (currently very inadequate) school in the community of Loharano in Madagascar (total cost of the project is approximately £10,000, but our charity partner will match our donations one for one). They are extremely poor and the current school can’t fit the approximately 200 children in Loharano and surrounding communities. While there is a good summary of the campaign motivation and uses of proceeds in the donation page, you can (and should) read more here. In fact this blog will be updated with how my training is doing, news about the fundraising effort and the occasional treat. Please click on “Read more” and learn about this initiative!

How did a Brazilian value investor get involved with a school project in the Madagascar countryside? Basically through Adsum Foundation, which has been working with similar projects all over the world since 2008 – and has successfully helped build similar schools in Madagascar. We were introduced to Adsum by our classmate at Harvard’s PLD-13 program, Michael Hunt, whose best friend Gavin Lonergan is the CEO of the Adsum Foundation. Gavin’s family business (The Deramore Group) founded Adsum. You can read more about where your donations would go here. It’s very important to mention that we have found many qualities in Adsum as a long-term partner, the main one is alignment: they match our donation one for one, that is, if we raise £5,000 they will donate £5,000 of their own to this project.

In summary: I have a worthy and very personal cause, a lofty yet highly achievable target, a successful, serious and aligned partner to execute the project and – last but not least – potentially fantastic ROI (return on investment). Please read the “case” in full here.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you need any more information or have feedback about the campaign, the donation page, the blog, you name it!

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