Gustavo Ballvé on April 17th, 2013
Food for thought, Home

As someone who has done marathons and other sporting events as tourism; as an occasional spectator at such events; as someone who has spent a bit of time at Boston; and, finally, as a human being: what happened at Boston on Sunday affects me immensely. As this brilliant article by Bruce Schneier at The Atlantic argues, however, letting yourself become fearful is not be the best answer (H/T Abnormal Returns). Cautious always, but not fearful. Here’s hoping that the people of Boston and other terrorist-targeted cities overcome this quickly.

From the article: “When we react from fear, when we change our laws and policies to make our country less open, the terrorists succeed, even if their attacks fail. But when we refuse to be terrorized, when we’re indomitable in the face of terror, the terrorists fail, even if their attacks succeed.”

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