Gustavo Ballvé on April 22nd, 2013
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What, a long story about the supposed elegance of Doom 3’s source code in an investing blog? Consider it an article about Logic and I hope you’ll forgive my interruption. Another way to link this article to investment analysis is this: a well-researched idea that is presented in a mess of unnecessary and redundant/irrelevant noise loses a bit of its power. You can also think of it as a knowledge management issue: when you have to find that useful bit of information you so badly need in the middle of this proverbial “haystack”, won’t you then wish for a more organized, elegant file/ system?

At the end of the day I liked the article and saw useful links to our investment analysis processes, but I admit that I played the game when I was younger – and did a bit of coding myself even younger. Finally, one of my earliest posts on was programming-related.

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