Gustavo Ballvé on May 22nd, 2013
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Two recent blog posts (and a funny chart below) about this subject make for good, quick reading and a timeless warning: emotions and portfolio management don’t mix, and that’s easier said than done. As Orcam Financial Group’s Cullen Roche says in the post: “Don’t worry, portfolio managers are just like everyone else.  They just express their emotions in different & fancier money-losing terminology.” In the Aleph Blog post, pretty much the same idea is expressed in the post’s title (“The foolish do the best in a strong market”) and in this excerpted quote: “The trend is your friend, until the bend at the end.”  H/T to Abnormal Returns today and Alphaville yesterday.

The Portfolio Manager Strategy Cycle – by Orcam Financial Goup (H/T Pragmatic Capitalism)

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