Gustavo Ballvé on June 3rd, 2013
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You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a few days – since May 22nd to be exact. That’s because my first son was born on May 24th and I have been since then engulfed in adapting the poor little lovely thing to us – and us to them – and him to his new home, and so on. I could write a thousand things about parenthood and the beautiful and sometimes scary things one feels the second his/her child is born (this piece rings a bell – raising a human being is holy work and I’m not even religious), but I decided to focus on something else: noise.

While separating signal from noise has been a constant theme here (it even has a category of its own), the magnitude to which this issue has been raised as a priority in my LIFE – not just professional, of course – is the second thing that hit me the most in that first sleepless, joyful night after my son’s birth. The first thing that hit me was, of course, how I could die or kill for that little person AND for his mother, my wife (normal parent language as I’ve come to realize, by the way). But the amazing change is that somethings just completely lost importance in a heartbeat and others gained it many-fold. To put it another way, some things became noise while others became “core” once and for all. I will now move in several “fronts” in my life to remove such sources of noise and focus on the things that matter most. Some changes will be professional, other personal, and it’s all for him. I always thought self-motivation was the best thing ever, now I see that parenthood is much more powerful. The renewed sense of purpose is just exhilarating.

If I could add one more thing to this post, I guess it’s the third thing that hit me (and it still impresses me and my wife after 8 days), with the staggering amount of love and help and tips and “tactics” from family (thank you so much!!!) and friends: without them, we’re nothing.

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