Gustavo Ballvé on October 3rd, 2013
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The things you stumble upon on TV nowadays… can actually be quite interesting! I left the TV on as I worked on a worksheet and CNN announced an Talk Asia interview with illusionist Franz Harary. Sure enough, I almost changed channels but didn’t. All in all the interview was surprisingly interesting because Mr. Harary went about why his illusions work – basically, because the audience wants them to and because he has become a master at controlling the audience’s experience (sometimes at immense creative and financial cost, sometimes very simply and cheaply). It’s also interesting because he’s very honest about what “essential glitch” in our brains he’s tapping into, and that’s always an issue dear to me in this blog. Finally, it’s very interesting because of the way he sees his work and craft as relevant: he sees himself as a “catalyst for creativity”, for imagination, and he thinks it can help when developing curiosity into new Science and technology.

Maybe it’s because my first son was born very recently, but that made a whole lot of sense to me. The vídeo for part one is embedded inside the post.


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