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By now anyone on Earth minimally interested in business and finance has heard about the Heinz + Kraft deal.

Buffett went on CNBC to speak briefly about the deal and said especifically about Berkshire and 3G (actual quote): “We look at everything. There is no finish line in either Berkshire’s investments or 3G’s investments.”

Another analysis here, but I’m not sure I agree with the inflation-hedge theme (at least not as a “boon from heaven” truth) – and the rest of it reminds me of a post I wrote in 2013, about how foreigners still didn’t “get” 3G. They’re catching on as 3G becomes an inevitable “case study”…

Finally, if you haven’t ever watched the Carlos Brito talks at Stanford, my 2010 post is a good starting point to understand 3G’s culture.

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