Gustavo Ballvé on February 14th, 2012

You choose how to allocate your time to your choice of media outlets based on your priorities. Such priorities should, ideally, be determined by a strategic plan designed to achieve a set of goals/objectives you’ve carefully set down as the most important for you. Right? Ideally, yes. But we’re usually too caught up on “execution mode” to revisit and question our objectives, then plans, then priorities – in this order – so we keep doing what we’ve been always doing. Old habits, as they say, truly die hard.

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Gustavo Ballvé on May 10th, 2011

Netflix is pushing into Latin America and the strategy is interesting: it’s trying to acquire content such as soap operas to stream them into customers’ homes. It’s good to imagine the trade-off playing in the Media companies’ strategy sessions – between the fear of cannibalizing sales and the need to partner with this strange ally now, while they’re still offering decent terms. We’re glad to sit on the sidelines.

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Gustavo Ballvé on May 6th, 2011

From the “business models we must understand” series, group buying in Brazil is moving fast with two deals/ funding rounds announced in the last 2 days. We have a collection of links with these moves and to our previous posts on the subject.

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Gustavo Ballvé on April 20th, 2011

There’s a wealth of good articles trying to predict the future of reading. We’ll focus on Kevin Kelly’s latest post on publishing – What Books Will Become – which tries to take the logical steps beyond the Kindle and social reading revolutions to imagine where the “book” is going (social reading here enveloping social highlighting, bookmarking, commenting, additions/corrections). We also link to “trusty Kevin Kelly reverberator” Seth Godin and to other posts.

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Gustavo Ballvé on March 24th, 2011

We’ve stumbled upon a series of videos by Bloomberg Television on Game Changers, and the first episode we saw is fantastic and profiles Steve Jobs. There are many interesting moments and lessons, but one that stuck with us concerns the power of ideas and the inspiration/ motivation they bring – not just to potential customers but, in Apple’s case at a time when morale was at the lowest point, also internally. That’s when the team finally “awoke” and all that brilliance in engineering/ product design/ marketing was brought together to create, as a VC says in the video, “the greatest comeback in corporate history”.

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Gustavo Ballvé on February 21st, 2011

While this is just part of the overall digital/ online content evolution, our subject today is TV. One story is a behind-the-scenes account of how Google TV came to be – and what’s at stake if and when they get it right (or when somebody else does it). The other story shows the experiments that “old-media” TV companies are running to benefit from – or to try not to get overrun by – the effects of social media as it regards TV watching. There’s a lot happening, and business models just aren’t defined yet. As we’ve said in our Q4 2010 report, “Experimenting has a cost. Failing to experiment, ditto.”

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Gustavo Ballvé on January 31st, 2011 has an article in its February ’11 issue about Youtube. Sure, it’s an interesting read for those interested in Youtube and Google, or in media, advertising and online services in general. But there were other good takeaways or at least building blocks that we list in the post.

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Gustavo Ballvé on January 27th, 2011

Every source has its biases, but it’s fair to say that the New York Times produces top-quality content over a surprisingly wide range of topics. For instance, its DealBook section and daily emails are a very valuable source for investors, as are the many business, scientific and cultural articles that can, over time, foster different/ multidisciplinary mental models. So it’s only natural that news of a documentary called Page One, in which the film crew spends almost an year inside the NYT in the midst of the current media revolution (blogging/ socialmedia/ iPad/ Kindle/ Wikileaks/ etc.), had us pretty excited.

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Gustavo Ballvé on January 25th, 2011

An article in the New York Times raises a red flag about the music industry: could digital music sales not be nearly enough to replace ever-decreasing CD revenues? This reminded us of Chris Anderson’s 2006 classic book “The Long Tail”. What if the long tail just isn’t long enough to save some industries?

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Gustavo Ballvé on December 28th, 2010

We often find relevant articles related to subjects we’ve already discussed at, and we post them as updates while linking to the original post(s). While each update should be interesting on its own, the idea is to read the whole “thread”, especially as time goes by and we develop a sense of history. In IP’s case, our Intranet dates back to 2003 and back then we made an effort to find older articles about companies and sectors we were studying. Being able to tap into this rich history is quite valuable and we hope to build the same wealth of links at In today’s piece we’re posting two updates about different subjects: crowdsourcing and e-publishing/ the “Web is dead” debate.

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