Gustavo Ballvé on February 12th, 2012

As I wrote in the Who We Are page, I believe a successful investment/ investigation/ scientific exploration starts with 3 items:

  1. A relentless pursuit of actionable frameworks, ideas, mental models and, of course, contacts who all contribute building blocks that will one day “click together”;
  2. Filtering from the multitude of data what’s really relevant and focusing on that to sufficient depth, while testing and adjusting hypothesis as new knowledge forms;
  3. Arriving at actionable investment cases – the synthesis from all these processes.

It turns out that writing about one’s ideas is a hell of an useful way to do 1-3 – writing it down provides many sobering reality-checks along the way – and there tend to be side benefits.

The “side benefits” can be huge: I believe 1-3 can be improved when you are transparent about your ideas, doubts and shortcomings as well as about the promising “leads” and “evidences” you are uncovering along the way. People interested in what you write about can then gain something from you, and a percentage of them may feel compelled to correct you or suggest conflicting evidence or new leads and roads to be pursued.

Given that the day insists to have 24 hours despite of all mankind’s scientific and technological advances, being corrected (or stopped!) early on saves a lot of energy that can be focused elsewhere.

As I’ve written in another page: I write so I can improve and spread my ideas while getting access to the opinions of highly-skilled investors. Yes, that’s you.

Take my ideas and tear them apart, destroy them, put them back together with building blocks of your own. We’ll all be richer for it.


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